Big H Trees & Lawns is a specialised arborist service helping people all across Melbourne’s western suburbs. We have the training and equipment to tackle any tree problem you may have and offer affordable arborist and tree felling solutions.

For all of your domestic and commercial tree arborist and felling services in Melbourne, you can trust Big H Trees & Lawns to get the job done. We will do an amazing job, no matter the needs. Whether you need a tree removed, a stump removal service, tree trimming, or tree surgery – at Big H Trees & Lawn you can count on us for healthy trees and a great job.

Our professional team of qualified arborists have many years of industry experience, so you can rest assured that you can trust in our arborist services to be safe, thorough and highly recommended.

For a free quote, contact us today at 0499 444 441 or and we can come to a solution for all of your tree work needs.

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    Our Services:

    To keep our community safe, we offer our 24/7 emergency tree services, so you can have a professional arborist on hand the same day. We deliver comprehensive tree removal in Melbourne and have all safety equipment on hand to ensure we complete the job safely.

    We offer a broad range of services and offer a free quote for all tree works.If you are looking for palm tree pruning in Melbourne, Call us today.

    Below are listed our main services, for other tree services make sure to get in touch at 0499 444 441 or and we can come to a solution for all of your tree care needs.

    Tree Removal Services

    Sometimes tree removal is the safest and only option. Our professional arborists specialise in tree removals of any type or height and will leave the removal site clean and our valued customers satisfied.

    Our dedicated team will make quick and safe work of the tree removal to ensure the safety of you and your family.

    Tree Pruning

    For tree health, it is vital they are pruned regularly. To keep your trees healthy we are knowledgeable in what each different tree type needs, so we can cater to its needs. Pruning trees is a great way to ensure your trees are healthy and strong for years.

    Stump Removal

    Many tree removal services will, unfortunately, leave behind a stump after the tree removal process. Stump removal is important because when stumps are left behind they can spiral out of control. This can often cause damage to your property and garden, while also being a tripping hazard.

    We offer tree stump removal services to ensure any leftover tree stumps are completely and expertly taken care of.

    Tree Surgery

    Some tree service needs include canopy raising, the removal of overhanging branches, tree sculpting, tree maintenance, arborist reports and more. When it comes to the health and appearance of your trees, choosing a qualified tree surgeon matters.

    Tree Consulting

    It may be tricky for untrained eyes to determine the condition of trees on your property. With our extensive experience in the tree industry, we can offer advice and full-service solutions regarding the health and management of your trees.

    Tree Lopping

    Our tree lopping services may be a better fit for you if our tree pruning services are not enough. Tree lopping is a more extreme strategy where huge tree portions are removed to drastically change the tree.

    Our expert team will do a fantastic job at ensuring your tree will be in the best shape possible and alleviate any concerns about rotten tree branches or a tree falling on your property.

    Land Clearing

    If you need more room on your property, we can provide our land clearing services to ensure you have all the space you may need. Our tree specialists can ensure that all trees, stumps, and vegetation are swiftly taken care of.

    Land clearing is also great for fire prevention and native habitat restoration.

    Tree Felling

    If old trees are wreaking havoc on your property, or are becoming dangerous and structurally unsound, our tree removal company has the expertise to ensure the old tree is properly removed. We will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of everyone involved, and the wellbeing of our property.

    We have extensive knowledge of removing trees and can ensure that we will do a magnificent job that will be happy with.

    Why Choose Big H Trees & Lawns?

    Our professional arborist services are available to clients in Melbourne, and as a small business, we understand and value excellent customer service and the satisfaction of our customers.

    As a tree service company comprised of a team of qualified workers, we understand and consider regulations, if we need a planning permit, any local council factors, and anything else that may need to be organised. We have public liability cover and are fully licensed so you know you are getting quality tree services.
    Tree Felling Melbourne
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