Signs Your Trees Are In Need Of Some Serious TLC

Signs Your Trees Are In Need Of Some Serious TLC

The health of your property is greatly depenent on the health of your trees. Unhealthy or damaged trees can pose a serious risk. They can fall or drop limbs, causing a hazard to your family or guests. They can also breed diseases and fungi that put the rest of your landscaping at risk. Additionally, they can also house pests such as rats or termites – which puts your home at unnecessary risk. 

Thankfully, it is possible to get on top of these issues before they cause major problems, but it is important to know the warning signs to look out for that are an indication that your trees are in major need of some maintenance. At Big H Trees we are professionals in tree maintenance, so whatever the issue is – we are sure to know how to remedy it. The following signs are some of the most common tree issues our arborists can help with:

Fungi and Mushrooms

If you notice mushrooms and fungi beginning to grow on your tree, it is a good idea to get this checked out. Not all varieties are harmful to the tree and the rest of your property – but some can be incredibly harmful and hurt your trees. 

Broken or Falling Limbs 

Not only are broken and falling limbs concerning from a safety standpoint – they could easily fall on a family member, become a tripping risk, fall on buildings or cars etc – but they can also indicate a deeper issue with your tree. The tree could be dying from extensive damage or a disease. It is a good idea to ask a professional or an opinion here as the entire tree may need to be felled to avoid any unnecessary stress and risk. 

Leaves Falling Early or Turning Brown 

The leaves on your favourite trees can be a good indication of the health of your trees. If there is strange or unusual things occurring such as the leaves turning brown or falling earlier than usual – it could indicate a wide variety of things. These include disease, pest infestation, malnutrition, and damage. A professional can assess the tree and make a proper diagnosis as well as suggest the best way to proceed. 

Leaning Trees And Bare Sides 

If your tree is beginning to lean to one direction or is bare of branches and leaves on one side it could be an indication that the tree may have some root damage – this is an issue because the tree has been weakened and is likely not receiving enough nutrients or water through its root system. This can lead to a weak tree that is more susceptible to damage. 

Big H Trees 

There is a large range of warning signs that your trees need some extra care, many of which are often missed. However, it is vital these trees get attended too by a tree care specialist as when left untreated they can pose a great risk to your family and property. At Big H Trees our team of industry professionals can assess your trees for risk and take appropriate action to remedy any issues before they can cause any potential harm. Give us a call today! 



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