Tree Consulting

For those who may not have a green thumb or trained arborist eyes, it may be difficult to determine the exact condition of the trees on your property. With our wealth of experience, we’re able to offer expert advice regarding your trees and their management. We can inspect any trees you may have and give you more insight into their current and future health. With our comprehensive tree services, we’ll be able to devise a solution, whether it be maintenance or removal if needed.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the safest and one of the most effective methods of stump removal. Forgoing chemicals and digging bars that can cause damage to your property, we use specialised equipment to grind back the stump before total removal.

The stump grinder will work its way through the wood and turn it into far more useful mulch, which we can use to fill in the gap once the stump is vacated, give to you to use in your garden or remove ourselves. This process not only kills the stump but any underlying root systems that can cause problems.

As your stump grinding specialists, we can ensure that any stubborn stumps will be quickly and safely removed from your property.

Stump Removal

Unfortunately, many tree removal services will leave behind a stump to rot and divert valuable water and nutrients from the rest of your trees and plants. With a wandering root system that has the potential to crack pavement and cause drastic damage – not to mention the tripping hazard – this is something you can’t simply ignore. We ensure that any stumps – existing or leftover from our tree removal efforts – are properly taken care of. We have the equipment and experience to safely remove entire stumps from your property with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Tree Removal

Whether you want to make more space on your property or you’re concerned about the health and safety of a tree, removal is sometimes the best and only option. Our experts specialise in the safe removal of trees of any type or height, leaving you with a clean site and complete satisfaction. Our climbers are able to scale your tree and slice it into smaller pieces to minimise risk and ensure that there is no damage to surrounding flora or property, while the team on the ground will make quick work of foliage and branches. We have specialised equipment to expedite the process and ensure there is no debris left over, doing a final sweep of the area to ensure it is in the best condition.

Tree Surgery

To properly take care of your trees, you need an expert hand. We are one of the top tree surgeons in Melbourne and offer a number of services to maintain your trees’ health: canopy raising, the removal of overhanging branches, tree sculpting, tree maintenance, arborist reports and more. When it comes to the health and appearance of your trees, choosing a qualified tree surgeon matters. Our skilled team of arborists will be able to handle any tree surgery that you may require, using the right equipment and delivering excellent results every time.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is vital for tree health, removing all the dead and dying branches to encourage new growth and prevent the tree from wasting its nutrients. It’s also crucial to managing risk, as imbalanced trees have a greater risk of losing branches and being felled by storms. We are tree pruning experts and specialise in a number of tree types, allowing us to give each one the exact treatment it needs. With precision and care, we are able to remove any dead weight and ensure your trees are healthy and strong for years to come.

Land Clearing

Need more room on your property? We can take on larger-scale tree removal projects to ensure that you have all the space you need. We offer professional land clearing services in Melbourne and ensure that all trees, stumps and vegetation are safely and swiftly taken care of. Our services are also great for fire prevention and for native habitat restoration, removing foreign flora that has taken root to make room for natural Australian vegetation.

Tree Lopping

When tree pruning isn’t enough, you need to call in our tree lopping experts. Tree lopping is a more extreme strategy where large portions of a tree are removed in order to quickly and drastically change the tree. Whether your trees have gotten too big for your garden or you want to remove the risk of branches falling on your home or property, tree lopping can be an effective solution. Of course, you want an expert who won’t just hack at your tree indiscriminately. Our team will be able to deliver superior tree lopping services to ensure that your tree is in the best shape possible.
Tree Felling Melbourne

Tree Felling

Whether your old tree has become structurally unsound or the roots are wreaking havoc on your property, we can ensure that it is properly removed. We start with an onsite inspection to determine the best way to proceed and ensure the safety of all parties, identifying potential hazards. Depending on the height of the tree, we’ll then send one of our team members to climb up and perform tree lopping to ensure there is nothing that will cause damage when the tree comes down. After preparations have been made and we’ve determined it is safe to do so, we fell the tree and get rid of all the excess wood using our chipper. When we’re done, there’ll be no mess or damage – just a safe, great-looking property!

24/7 Emergency

Got an urgent tree emergency? Our team can be at your location ASAP with all the tools needed to take care of your problem. We’re available 24/7 for your convenience and serve across Melbourne’s western suburbs. When time is of the essence, you can trust that our team of reliable arborists and tree removalists will be at your property post-haste. Call 0499 444 441 now!
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