For tree pruning services Preston residents can rely on, give Big H Trees & Lawns a call to take advantage of our range of tree services.
Pruning is vital for tree health, removing all the dead and dying branches to encourage new growth and prevent the tree from wasting its nutrients. It’s also crucial to managing risk, as imbalanced trees have a greater risk of losing branches and being felled by storms.

We are tree pruning experts and specialise in a number of tree types, allowing us to give each one the exact treatment it needs.

With precision and care, we are able to remove any dead weight and ensure your trees are healthy and strong for years to come. Regular pruning ensures your large trees are always in tip-top condition and reduces the risk of falling branches that could damage your property.

As always, we recommend that any tree cutting tasks be left to the professionals as we have years of industry experience and can ensure quality service and the safety of your property and all of the people involved.

Our friendly team are always happy to chat and answer any questions you may have regarding tree care, we are also more than willing to offer advice. So please give us a call on 0499 444 441 or email us at if there is anything we can help you with.

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    Our Tree Pruning Services

    Big H Trees & Lawns are a local family-owned business and provide services to the Preston area, and surrounding suburbs.

    Our team of qualified arborists have all the expertise needed to complete any of our professional tree pruning services in a safe manner and have access to all the safety equipment they may require.

    Tree pruning Preston is vital for tree maintenance, and regular maintenance promotes healthy growth. Dead wood or damaged branches could fall and cause damage or harm. For more extreme cases, we offer affordable tree lopping services and tree removal services which could be a better option depending on your circumstances. Feel free to contact us for advice and to organise a free no-obligation quote.

    To protect your property, yourself, and your family, it is a good idea to contact professional tree loppers who are fully insured and are knowledgeable about how to get the job done safely and efficiently. For affordable prices and reliable service, Big H Trees & Lawns are the best fit for you.

    Other services we offer include:

    • Stump grinding and tree stump removal services
    • Tree lopping
    • Tree removal
    • Removal and maintenance of palm trees
    • Tree felling
    • Tree cutting
    • Land clearing
    • Arborist reports

    Detailed information about our Preston tree services can be found on the services page of our website.

    For more information on our tree pruning { services, friendly advice, or to organise a quote, contact us today at Big H Trees & Lawns today on 0499 444 441 or email us at

    Tree Pruning Preston

    Why Choose Big H Trees & Lawns

    With Big H Trees & Lawns, you can rely on the professional help of our well-trained team. With our extensive experience, we can assure you we will do a great job while providing you with great service.

    • We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction
    • We comply with Australian Standards and have public liability insurance
    • Our team of highly trained professionals have years of experience in the industry
    • Safety is highly important to us, and our team always have quality safety equipment available
    • We offer quality services at a great price, call us today for a free quote
    • We service Melbourne’s residential and commercial clients
    • We will always leave the job site clean and in a respectable manner
    • Our satisfied customers speak highly of our prompt services and expert advice
    • As a small business, we take our time to ensure all of our clients are happy with our services

    For questions about our tree pruning Preston services, tree removal service, stump grinding services, or any other tree service we provide, or to organise a free quote – give us a call on 0499 444 441 or email us at

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